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Survey: Prospects for New 3D Cell Culture Technologies

Please complete the 11 survey questions below. We appreciate your efforts!

What method do you use most often to form spheroids?*
 Hanging Drop
 Low Attachment or U-bottom plates
 3D Printing
 I do not form spheroids
What scaffold technologies have you employed in your work?*
 Polymer Based
 Biologic Scaffolds
 Micropatterned Plates
What is the area of specialization for your 3D cell culture work?*
 Drug Metabolism/ toxicity/ response
 Regenerative Medicine
 Host-pathogen Disease
 Biological Production (proteins, growth factors, other biomolecules)
Are you aware of the differences in cell behavior between 3D dynamic and 3D static culture?*
What cell types , or cell lines do you use in your 3D cell culture work?*
 HepG2 or similar (HepaRG etc)
 Embryonic Stem Cells
 Adult Stem Cells
 Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
 Cancer Cell Lines
 Stromal Cells
 Dermal cells
What is your downstream application for your 3D cell culture work?*
 Tissue Engineering for grafts/implants
 Screening for drug effectiveness/toxicity
 Basic Research (Cell behavior, host-pathogen etc)
 Cell Therapy
What enabling technology would you like to see developed for 3D cell culture? Is there a need that is not being met by products currently available?*
Would you consider purchasing cells (stem cells, differentiated or cell lines) provided as spheroids in a vial?*
Which format would you prefer spheroids to be sold?*
 96 Well Plate
 384 Well Plate
I would prefer 3D cultures provided as*
 Intact Spheroids in low temp preservation media (Need to be cultured upon arrival)
 Dispersed, individual cells frozen in vial (Cells previously aggregated as spheroids)
Do you have any other interests, questions or comments for Synthecon relating to developing uniform, characterized 3D cell models?

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