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Greetings, 3D cell culture researcher!

We created this survey because we value our customers as influential and innovative minds in the field. Synthecon, has been in business over 25 years manufacturing the bioreactor-based 3D cell culture technology, the RCCS, for a variety of applications. Our bioreactor line includes many different models and custom designed systems providing low-shear, dynamic culture conditions. 

We are looking to diversify to bridge the gaps in existing 3D cell culture technology. Your feedback will greatly help as we expand our offerings and evolve with your individual needs. 

The survey is only 11 questions, and your response is extremely valuable to us! Thank you in advance!

To begin, click the red link below. 

Kirsten Clingman
Application Specialist
Synthecon Incorporated 

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Rhabdomyosarcoma spheroid formed using Synthecon's, 3D Cell Culture Bioreactor, the RCCS.

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