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PhenoDrive 3D Cell Culture Coating

  • Phenodrives are a class of specialized cell substrates.
  • Suitable for seeding and growing of cells in serum-free medium.

The formulations below indicate the best substrate for various cell phenotypes.

PhenoDrive Integrin (YIGSR, IKVAV and RGD)

Mimics the basement membrane supporting adult stem cells in their natural niche as well as blood vessel endothelium and skin epithelium. The formulations integrating the sequences YIGSR and IKVAV are also suitable for the culturing of glial and neural cells.

PhenoDrive Universal

Favors interactions with the cell glycocalyx and does not directly target the cell integrins


PhenoDrive Phosphoserine (PS)

Mimics the mineralizing osteoid of bone.  With its biomineralization properties, the substrates will favor the culturing of osteoblasts in an environment that mimics the forming bone. The substrates have been proven to stimulate the differentiation of adult bone marrow mesenchymal cells into osteoblasts. The substrates also preserve the osteoblast phenotype.

PhenoDrive Hypoxia 

Ground breaking formulation with the substrate being capable of consuming oxygen without getting saturated overtime. The substrate generates a very localized hypoxia in proximity of the cells and has been shown to induce the proliferation of a number of cell types. It is recommended for all culturing conditions where hypoxia-induced cell proliferation is sought (e.g. cancer cells).

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