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Human bone marrow MSCs cultured in serum-free TheraPEAK MSCGM-CD media (Lonza) for 6 days, without Phenodrive.

Human bone marrow MSCs cultured in serum-free TheraPEAK MSCGM-CD media (Lonza) for 6 days, WITH Phenodrive.

Introducing Phenodrive

Press Release- New Product Phenodrive
Synthecon Inc. announces the arrival of a unique 3D cell culture coating.  Phenodrive is an innovative 3D tool that is capable of generating spheroids in flasks, well plates, chamber slides as well as 3D scaffolds. Unlike other cell culture coatings, Phenodrive is comprised of a synthetic biomaterial which mimics the basement membrane and extracellular matrix. The mesh-like structure, which is similar to Collagen Type IV, is made up of hyperbranched polylysine molecules which present laminin-mimicking bioligands. The structure of these substrates encourage in-vivo-like cell binding and communication, making 3D models, coculture, high-throughput screening possible and more clinically relevant. Synthecon Inc. is seeking strategic partnerships with vendors and researchers to introduce the novel cell culture coating, Phenodrive.

If you are a vendor interested in marketing this product in the United States or Canada, contact

Researchers can be on the leading edge of this technology. Synthecon is seeking research teams to evaluate Phenodrive for their specific cell culture application.  Contact for more details.

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