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A recent mini review by Grimm et al., has featured Synthecon's RCCS technology to describe how the rotating wall vessel creates 3D aggregates in culture without the use of scaffolds. Although, the RCCS can also be used with scaffold material, the authors sought to outline several different studies which highlight its ability to form spheroids, differentiate stem cells, and more.

A few key points from the review:
  • CD-34 positive human umbilical cord blood derived stem cells supplemented with VEGF exhibited increased growth and differentiated into a vascular endothelial phenotype at day 4 , (forming tube-like structures).
  • Tissue engineered blood vessels could eventually be used in reconstructive surgery.
  • Spheroids form within hours of culture in the RCCS, without scaffolds. This includes many cell types including prostate cancer cells, breast cancer cells and fibroblasts.
  • Multicellular spheroids can be used for pharmaceutical drug testing, toxicological testing, and to eliminate and decrease the need for animal models.
Read the full abstract Here
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