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What are NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds made of?

Are other forms of sterilization possible for the scaffolds?

Are NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds reusable?

Do NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds have an expiration date?

What are the differences between NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds and other 3D products on the market?

Will your NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds support the growth of cells, and if so, what type of cells?

Can the NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds be designed into a three-dimensional structure?

How long can cells be maintained in culture?

Are NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds biodegradable?

Do cells proliferate at the same rate on NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds compared to tissue culture polystyrene?

How well does type-I collagen bind to the NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds?

How are the NanobioMatrix scaffolds attached to the tissue culture plate?

Are other polymers available?

What analysis techniques are compatible with NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds?

Can you coat NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds?

Can you remove cells from NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds?

Are NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffold plates compatible with standard laboratory plate readers/instrumentation?

Are NanobioMatrix Scaffolds compatible with bioreactor systems?

Are NanobioMatirx 3D products recommended for Stem Cell expansion?

Should I seed wells with the same number of cells I use on flat plates?

Do cells growing on NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds behave the same as cells growing in traditional 2D cultures?

Do the NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds need to be treated or equilibrated before use?

Are NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds supplied sterile?

Can you autoclave NanobioMatrix 3D Scaffolds?

Which bioreactor will best suit my needs?

Do I need an incubator to use the RCCS bioreactor?

When I wish to culture cells on microcarrier beads, do the cells need to be on the beads before I load them into the bioreactor?

Is the RCCS a roller bottle culture system?

What are the different applications of the RCCS bioreactors?

Will I see bubbles in the bioreactor?

What is the ideal rotational speed for RCCS culture vessels?

How do I maintain the oxygen levels within the culture?

How do I maintain the temperature in the RCCS bioreactors?

Do the cells stay in one place in the RCCS bioreactor?

What are the advantages of the RCCS bioreactor over 2D cell culture systems and other 3D cell culture systems?

Why would I shift to a 3D cell culture system when I get reasonable results using tissue culture flasks?

How does the RCCS bioreactor work?

How do I run power to the bioreactor in an incubator?

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