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Single Use 3D Bioreactor Systems

Our disposable (single use) vessel culture systems are low cost, easy to use, rotary bioreactor systems that utilize disposable culture vessels to enable 3D cell culture.  Each vessel can be used only once, though there are no limits on the duration of the experiment.  Each culture vessel is gamma sterilized and individually packaged (heat sealed) for immediate use upon opening.  All disposable vessel bioreactor systems include four individually wrapped HARV culture vessels (10 mL or 50 mL), except the RCCS-8D and RCCS-8DQ, which include 8 vessels.

Advantages of disposable vessel culture systems:

  • No sterilization is required prior to use
  • Culture vessels can be discarded following use
  • Preferred for biohazardous materials
  • Lower cost rotator base and vessels

Disposable Vessel System Models

Disposable Vessels

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