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Research Publications / Skeletal Muscle

Muscle Atrophy Marker Expression Differs between Rotary Cell Culture System and Animal Studies. Harding CP, Vargis E.
Biomed Res Int. 2019; 2019:2042808   [Full Text]

A novel in vitro three-dimensional skeletal muscle model.
Marquette ML, Byerly D, Sognier M.In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim. 43:255-263, 2007 [Abstract]
Skeletal Tissue Growth, Differentiation, and Mineralization in the NASA Rotating Wall Vessel.
Klement BJ, Young QM, George BJ, Nokkaew M: Bone 34: 487-498, 2004. [Abstract]
Effects of Chronic Exposure to Simulated Microgravity on Skeletal Muscle Cell Proliferation and Differentiation.
Slentz DH, Truskey GA, and Kraus WE:In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim 37: 148-156, 2001. [Abstract]
Differentiation of Mammalian Skeletal Muscle Cells Cultured on Microcarrier Beads in a Rotating Cell Culture System.
Torgan CE, Burge SS, Collinsworth AM, Truskey GA, Krauss WE:Med Biol Eng Comput 38: 583-590, 2000. [Abstract]
Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells Cultured in Simulated Microgravity.
Molnar G, Schroedl NA, Gonda SR and Hartzell CR:In Vitro Cell Dev Bio Anim 33: 386-391, 1997. [Abstract]
Utilization of Microgravity Bioreactors for Differentiation of Mammalian Skeletal Tissue.
Klement BJ, Spooner BS: J Cell Biochem 51: 252-256, 1993 [Abstract]
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