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Figure 1 Decellularized blood vessel tissue (A); Cells on NanobioMatrix (B,C,D)

Figure 2 Random fiber arrangement (A), Cells on random fiber arrangement (B), Aligned fiber arrangement (C), Cells on aligned fiber arrangement (D)

NanobioMatrix Scaffolds

NanobioMatrix Scaffolds are novel electrospun 3D cell culture scaffolds made with nano-scale polymer fibers for applications in tissue engineering, stem cell research, cancer research and three-dimensional culture. NanobioMatrix scaffolds are similar in size and structure to native extracellular matrix (ECM) and mimics the three-dimensional in vivo environment to provide a superior alternative to traditional cell culture on flat, tissue culture polystyrene (TCPS) plates.

NanobioMatrix is available in both random and aligned fiber arrangements for 3D cell culture.  Random fiber scaffolds are mimetic of the multidirectional structure of ECM in various tissues in vivo.  Aligned fibers are ideal for modeling tissues with linear structure, such as central nervous, cardiac, skeletal muscle, and brain tissues.

Polymers Available
  • PCL
  • PGA
  • PLA
  • PLGA 90:10, PGA:PLA
  • others at custom request

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